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The formative years...


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Sarah Michelle Gellar was born to parents Rosellen and ?? ?? Gellar on the 14th of April 1977,in the city New York or NY.Sarahs parents split when she was only 7 and she has no known contact with her "sperm donor" since.She was discovvered aged four while eating in a restuarant when an agent noticed her talent from afar AWWWW.The agent then signed her up and she was on her way to stardom.she then filmed lots of movies,commericials and theatre work.her most famous advert as we like to call them in the UK.was the burger king one where she said another companys product while advertising burger king and she said that she only ever ate burger king burgers?Mcdonalds then desided to sue burger kking and bar Sarah from all there food outlets.Mcdonalds is now a proud sponser of Sarahs hit show "Buffy The Vampire Slayer".Sarahs big break came when she was casted as Sydney in short lived show Swans Crossing.she later was cast to play Kendall Hart in "All My Children" she won a daytime Emmy for her role as Kendall.She left after workin there for two years to pursue other projects like Buffy who she auditioned for the part of Cordelia.but the producers where so sure that she was their Buffy.Now Sarah is the hollywood gem that we all know and love.