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The one and only Ronan Keating!!!!!
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Here's the scoop...


Ronan to tour in 2001

The dates are as follows

Sunday 6th May: Sheffield Arena
Tuesday and Wednesday 8th & 9th May:Cardiff International Arena
Friday and Saturday 11th & 12th May:Wembley Arena
Monday 14th May:Nottingham Arena
Thursday 17th May:Birmingham NECC
Saturday and Sunday 19th &20th May:Newcastle Telewest Arena
Tuesday and Wednesday 22nd &23rd May:Glasgow SECC
Friday 25th May:Manchester Arena
Monday 28th May: Belfast Odyssey Arena
Tuesday 29th May:Dublin Point Depot

tickets on sale NOW!!!!!!


Shane Lynch from Boyzone was quoted saying"Ronan kicked me out Boyzone for not being gay enough".
"Ronan is a pratt and ive not seen him in acouple of months and im glad".
SHANE get a life.
the word eminem wannabe springs to mind when i think of shane,LOL.

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