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place of birth:Dublin,Ireland
star sign:Pisces
colour of eyes:Blue
status:Married to Yvonne Connelly in May 1998
favourite food:A curry dish his late mother used to make
favourite artists:George Michael,Brian Kennnedy and R Kelly

ONE of Ronans earlier anbitions was to become a policeman.
BEFORE he joined the band he couldnt swim. But the other ladz taught him.
RONAN hates smoking ever since he tried when he was 15 he was sick after it.

Ronan Keatings debut solo album which scored Ronan yet another number one.
Track list

1.Life is a rollercoaster
2.The way you make me feel
3.In this life
4.Heal me
5.When you say nothing at all
7.Brighter days
8.If you love me
9.If i dont tell you
10.Only for you
12.When the world was mine
14.Once upon a time

This is a really great debut album,Ronan co writes two songs on it which are as follows track 5.Keep on walking,Track 7 Brighter days.
The albums is still pop which Ronan is famous for and the ballads.
All in all Ronan Keating the solo star is one to keep your eye on

my fave track on Ronans album is 9. i think Ronan has a great voice and track 9 on the album shows what a great voice it is.The lyrics are very good they touch your heart

Ronan has had the most sucess as a solo artist with two number one singles in the uk and a number one album.
Ronan is also indemand as a presenter.
He has been approacted to do the MTV awards for 2001,As you all probely know he has presented the 1997 and the1999 MTV awards.
Ronan is also doing great in his personal life with a son Jack a with wife and another child on the way.And not to forget his 4 dogs

The boyz on Ronan
Keith:I love Ronan alot ,im very close with him
he is a great ambassador.
Shane:Hes a great origaniser.Ronan takes a huge workload and seems to thrive on being under pressure and hes also a top bloke
Stephen:Hes a great friend to have.hes like a big brother to us enough though hes the youngest.