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Anthony Stewart Head

Eyes: Blue
Date Of Birth: 20th February 1954
Place Of Birth: Camden,London UK
Status: Girlfriend
Role in Buffy: Rupert Giles
Children:Two girls aged 10 and 12

Rupert Giles

Giles well Giles as we all know him.He was pasrt of a group of four friends who were interested in the supernatural things his nickname was the Ripper.He later became a watcher as part of the England council He was assigned to a girl named Buffy Summers who was the slayer.He got a job as the school librarion in Sunnydale High School which was to become the Scooby gangs secret meeting place.Giles love life has not been the best of things either.His girlfriend in the show was a fellow teacher Miss Jenny Calender,Angel who was Buffys boyfriend at the time killed Jenny but was later very sorry for it.He then became involved with Joyce Summers Buffys mom which turned sour as they only had feelings for each other because of a candybarthey eat.Giles was sacked at the end of season 2 but was later re installed in season 5.