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Alyson Hannigan

Eye color - Brown
Age - 27
Hair Color - Red
Date Of Birth - 24th March 1974
Place of Birth - Washington DC USA
Sibling - none (that i know of)
Status - Boyfriend (Wesley from Angel)

Willow Rosenberg

Willow Rosenberg became friends with new girl Buffy Summers in the year 1996 when they were both softmores in Sunnydale high school. Willow was a shy,dim but smart girl that everybody wanted for there tutor or there homework help until she met Oz a senior from Sunnydale who Willow dated for a few years. Oz who we later found out to be a werewolf. Willow always had a big crush on Xander Harris who was Willows best friend they had been best friends since they could remember.Willow and Xander eventually got together much to the dismay of Oz who when he found out about Willow and Xanders affair got up and left her and Sunnydale. Willow was heartbroken until she meet a girl named Tara from her college class they later got together and are very happy and Willow even describes Tara as the love of her life.